hi, i'm christian and i love coffee

It all started some years ago when as a young bike rider, like the Tour de France, I was in Portland racing bikes when I stumbled in Stumptown and had a eureka coffee moment, I didn't know coffee coffee be that sweet, creamy and delicious. Wait, maybe it was actually when I met my wife to be working in a coffee shop in our hometown outside Vancouver and I was consuming copious amounts of coffee until I eventually worked up the courage to ask the barista on a date. Either way as my life as a bike rider continued alongside my passion for coffee continued with home brewing and roasting, long hours spent You Tubeing latte are videos and reading all the information I could find on roasting.  I actually did do the Tour de France one year and shortly after my wife, Amber, and I set up our first cafe in our adopted home town of Girona, Spain, and not long after the opening of La Fabrica we opened Espresso Mafia where I started roasting our own coffees. After a couple years of racing and doing coffee on the side I decided I wanted to flip things and focus on coffee so I gave up my pro contract to focus on coffee.

Here we are. Over the past years somethings have changed and so has my perspective on specialty coffee, going from being obsessed with variables, numbers and parameters, arguably becoming a coffee snob. Over time things began to change, though I still wanted to produce top quality coffee in my shops I was also starting to see specialty coffee as a opportunity to help farmers at origins. For many speciality coffee is a opportunity to get a higher price for their work versus commodity coffee that serves the most of the world and I realised that to make more of a change we needed to increase the demand for speciality level coffee to get more farmers putting in the extra effort to get their coffees there. The problem we still have at the moment is that speciality coffee can be intimidating, the cafes can still be pretentious, sure not all of them but plenty still, and all this information on varieties, altitudes and processing, brewing methods, extraction yields. We always strive to make people feel comfortable in our shops and now hopefully the same when they are buying their beans for home use. You will find very awesome coffees that can be throughly enjoyed by the most knowledgeable coffee drinker but also easy to understand for even the first timer!

I really hope you enjoy our coffees as much as we do!


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